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9 July 1943



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Type 97, M/B SALLY Mark 2.

       There have been a number of reports recently on the modified version of the Type 97, M/B, SALLY. (See Air Information Branch Symmary No, 13 pages 2 and 3) A number of reports have identified this improved bomber as Type 00, M/B, HELEN. Photographs and, reports of crashed aircraft now indicate that the only bombers of this type that have been encountered are the modified version of SALLY and, since there has been no change in basic design, this aircraft should be designated as "Type 97, M/B, SALLY Mark 2."

       Japanese sources of information indicate that there is a bomber designated as Type 00, M/B, HELEN, but there is no information available at present to prove that HELEN has been encountered or is operational at this time.

Type 98, R L/B, IDA.

       Late in March, a reconnaissance-bomber, identified as IDA, was shot down in the India-Burma theater of war. This aircraft had not been encountered for some time and was considered to be obsolete. Markings on the plane indicate that it was manufactured several years ago.

       An examination of the crash disclosed that it was powered with a 9 cylinder radial engine, that it carried one moveable 7.7 mm machine gun firing aft, that it had bomb racks for ten small bombs, and that the fuel tanks were not self-sealing and were located in the wing roots.

Type 99, L/B, LILY.

       An examination of a new Type 99, L/B, LILY, which was shot down recently in India, has disclosed a few changes in details from the type previously examined. This plane had the same signal lights on the top of fuselage and wings that were found on a Type 97, M/B, SALLY Mark 2, which was recently shot down over Calcutta. These lights were thought to be used for night pattern-bombing and were described in Air Information Summary No. 13, page 3 .

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       Another difference in this crashed LILY was in the armament. Two free guns of German type were found which may have been used as lateral guns in addition to the usual armament, but this has not been confirmed.

       No previous reports of self-sealing fuel tanks in Type 99, L/B, LILY, have been received, but the new model examined was found to have self-sealing fuel tanks. Another change is in the trailing edge of the rudder which continues downward meeting the bottom of the fuselage at right angles.

Type 1, SSF, OSCAR Mark 2. (SSF = Single Seat Fighter)

       An improved version of Type 1, SSF, OSCAR, has been examined after being shot down in the India theater. It has been designated and allotted a code name as follows: "Type 1, SSF, OSCAR Mark 2." The principle changes are in the engine and in the armament.

       The engine is probably a Nakajima Sakae Model 21, equipped with a two-speed supercharger. The change in engine has resulted in one minor change in recognition, as the Mark 2 model has the carburettor air scoop in the top of the engine cowling between the blast tubes, instead of on the bottom of the cowling.

       The new version of OSCAR is equipped with two 12.7 mm, synchronized machine guns mounted in the top of the engine cowling in blast tubes.

Type 100, R/P, DINAH.(R/P = Reconnaissance)

       Reports from India on the examination of a crashed reconnaissance plane, DINAH, confirm the fact that this aircraft was equipped with some type of automatic pilot.        Reports from the same area on the so-called "I-45" twin engine fighter (probably a fighter version of DINAH, see Air Information Summary No. 6, dated March 24, 1943) indicate that this fighter is equipped with four cannons in the nose and one machine gun in the rear cockpit. This report is based on encounters with the "I-45" in combats.




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SOURCE:Commandant's Office, Central Subject Files, 1942-43
National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch

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