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C-219 --  Combat Information Center —- Fighter Direction —— Terms and Meanings

CONFIDENTIAL. FF1/S65-7, Serial 04179, 10 December 1943

Action: United States Fleet

1.     In order to clarify terms used in connection with spaces and personnel used in connection with combat information center and associated spaces, the following definitions are promulgated. If the following definitions or terms do not apply in correspondence, the originator shall define his terms used in connection with the above.

2.     COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER is a location in a ship so designed and intended to act as an evaluating station. It is charged with the following duties:

(a) Collecting all information pertaining to enemy movements and/or location of friendly forces in the vicinity.

(b) The evaluation of this information.

(c) The delivery of evaluated information to the various stations in the ship, requiring certain portions of this information.

(d) Control of units of the ship or task force (aircraft, landing boats, etc.).

(e) Be prepared to assume control of that part of the ship which the captain may direct, The combat information center must serve all commands and departments in a ship and have sufficient flexibility of arrangement so that it may perform its various functions to conform to the existing situation. While by the nature of the ship’s construction the primary function may be fighter direction or gun control, there are secondary functions which at times become primary and must be considered a part of the function of combat information center.

      AUXILIARY COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER is a space similar to combat information center but smaller, containing less facilities but designed to assume the duties of combat information center with its space limitations.

      RADAR ROOM is the location of radar receiver indicators when not placed in combat information center.

      RADAR TRANSMITTER ROOM is the space occupied by radar transmitters when not a part of radar room or combat information center.

      RADAR INTERCEPT ROOM is the space in which special radar intercept receivers are installed.

      OFFICER IN CHARGE, COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER is the officer charged with the responsibility of operation of the combat information center. In carriers this officer is usually the Fighter Direction Officer; in other types it is usually the Executive Officer.


National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, 13th Naval District Commandant's Office, Central Subject Files, 1942-43

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