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Washington, D.C.

CONFIDENTIAL July 12, 1943.

From: Chief of Naval Personnel
To: All Bureaus and Offices, Navy Dept.
All Sea Frontier Commands.
Commandants, all Naval Districts.
Commandant, Potomac River Naval Command.
Commandant, Seven River Naval Command.
Chief of Naval Air Operational Training Command.
Chief of Naval Air Technical Training Command.
Chief of Naval Air Intermediate Training Command.
Chief of Naval Air Primary Training Command.
Subj: The Expanded use of Negroes
Refs: (a) BuPers ltr Pers-106~MBR Pl6-3(c) of April 23, 1943.
(b) BuPers ltr Pers-106-MBR Pl6-3(c) of May 29, 1943.

1.           For your information, Negroes are now being inducted into the Naval service at a rate in excess of 12,000 per month. By December 31, 1943, more than 107,000 Negroes will have been inducted into the Navy. After training, they will be assigned as follows:

Stewards' Mates 26,578
Cooks and Bakers 12,084
Sea Bees 17,000
Base Companies, SoPac  5,000
Base Companies at Boston,     
New York, Phila.,
Norfolk, New Orleans,
San Francisco, and
Seattle  2,000
Navy Yards and Stations  5,711
Air Stations 20,580 non-rated; 1,171 rated
Local Defense, District
   and Small Craft
 4,239 non-rated; 3,477 rated
Net Depots & Defenses    977
Ammunition Depots  3,121
Section Bases  4,338 non-rated; 300 rated

2.           Studies are now being made to determine the miximum (SIC) numbers of the above which can be assigned for duty at specific activities under the above Commands. In connection with this study, reference will be made to the recent report furnished by the addressees which contains information on the numbers which can effectively be used. Before final determination has been made, a representative of the Bureau will confer with Personnel Officers and with the Commanding Officers of the activities in question to make certain that the Negroes assigned will be used as planned, and that adequate housing, messing, and recreation facilities can be made available.

S78 = 1943 - 1 -


Subj: The Expanded Use of Negroes.
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3.           It is the policy of the Bureau to assure:

(a) That the Class A school graduates are used in the work for which they are trained.

(b) That Negroes are rated on the same basis as white personnel, and that the rated move upwards in the same manner as do white.

(c) That wherever possible, and as soon as a sufficient number of trained Negroes make it possible, activities having large numbers of Negro personnel will become all-Negro, rated as well as non-rated.

4.           It will be to the advantage of the Commanding Officers to encourage promotion of qualified Negro enlisted men as the Bureau will continue to order white enlisted personnel, in all ratings, to sea, with the expectation that they will be replaced by Negroes.

5.           It is recognised that many adjustments must be made in connection with this program and it is hoped that the addressees will make full recommendations in the premises from time to time.

  /s/      L. E. Denfeld
The Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel









National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, 13th Naval District, Port Director's Office - General Correspondence 1924-44

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