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Tacoma, Washington
20 July 1939


From: Commander-in-Chief, United States, Pacific Fleet
Subject: United States Fleet Mail Distribution Lists.
Reference: (a) Fleet Memorandum 1M-39 of 24 January 1939.
(b) Fleet Notice 18N-39 of 10 May 1939.
(c) Article 833, United States Fleet Regulations, 1939.

     1.     References (a) and (b) are hereby cancelled.

     2.     The following United States Fleet Mail Distribution Lists will be put into effect upon receipt. These Distribution Lists conform with the organization of the United States Fleet as outlined in the organization of the seagoing forces of the U. S. Navy, and anticipate the assignment of future construction and recommissioning. Type Commanders of vessels under construction to be assigned their units shall retain extra copies of all United States Fleet Letters and Publications hereafter issued in accordance with these Distribution Lists for delivery to those vessels upon assignment.

     3.     Distribution Lists I, II, III and IV defined:

            List I is intended primarily as a limited distribution of information copies; Case 1 to administrative commanders and Case 2 to administrative commanders and commanding officers. It is also intended to be used, when for purposes of security or other reasons, or because of the nature of the matter involved, it is desired to limit the number of copies to be circulated.

            List II is intended primarily as the distribution for letters requiring limited action by commanding officers of vessels. Case 2 provides extra copies.

            List III covers a wider distribution than List II and is designed for operation orders, movement orders and letters requiring general action. Case 2 provides extra copies.

            List IV covers a wide distribution and is intended for the general information of all hands.

     4.     It is directed that Force and subordinate administrative commanders forward copies of letters, operation orders, etc., to the Commander-in-Chief in accordance with the distribution indicated in "A-l" of these distribution lists. List I will never be used in determining the number of copies of an operation order or plan to be furnished the Commander-in-Chief. At times a greater number of copies of certain operation orders and plans than is provided by either Lists II, III, and IV will be required, but when this is the case it will be covered by special instructions.


   List III, Case 2. J.
   ENS, EN4, ND1; ND3-9, ND11-13.

T. J. Ryan, Jr.,
Flag Secretary.

* Mail for Fleet Flagship will be wrapped or inclosed separately from that intended for the Commander-in-Chief.





- 2 -


- 3 -

- 4 -


* This squadron should be included in the distribution of matters of a permanent nature pertaining to the U.S. Fleet.






National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, 13th Naval District Commandant's Office Central Subject Files, 1925-42

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