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(SC)(1810-20 ht)
SECRET December 9, 1941
From: Commandant, Twelth Naval District and Naval Operating Base, San Francisco, Calif.
To  : Chief of Naval Operations
Subject:   Radio Communication - Possible with Guam if captured

     1.        Lieutenant (j.g.) Harold Nunn, U.S.N.R., flying for Pan-American Airways, has informed the Commandant that Lieutenant E.C. Madsen, U.S.N., Communication Officer at Guam, has stated if Guam were taken he planned to go back into the jungle with a transmitter and broadcast information concerning the occupying forces. Further, that Lieutenant Madsen stated he had made the aquaintance of several bands of natives and that there are inaccessible areas in which he feels sure he can indefinitely hide out. It is believed that he will, if his plan is effected, transmit on 500 kilocycles.

     2.        It is hereby certified that the originator considers it to be impracticable to phrase this document in such a manner as will permit a classification other than secret. The urgency of delivery of this document is such that it will not reach the addressees in time by the next available officer courier. The originator therefor authorizes the transmission of this document by registered mail.

Chief of Staff

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Copies to:
     COM 13
     COM 14
     COM 16



Somewhat ironically and completely unfortunately, Lieutenant Elwood Christian Madsen was captured the day this report was authored, when the Japanese invaded and captured Guam:
Elwood Christian Madsen - Awards and Citations - MilitaryTimes.com
Elwood Christian Madsen - Captain, United States Navy - ArlingtonCemetery.net
CAPT. Madsen, Elwood Christian - USS Uvalde (AKA-88) - Navsource
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National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
"13th Naval District, District Communications Officer, Classified Records, 1934-41"

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