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Overall view of Dutch Harbor area as of May 25, 1942, before the attack with positions of anti-aircraft guns and fire control radars marked.
General view of Naval Air Station (NAS) Dutch Harbor before the attack. Hangar and tarmac for amphibious patrol aircraft is under construction in center top and revetments have been carved out of the hill to the left.
Distant shot of Dutch Harbor from the Northeast, showing mountanous terrain surrounding the location. This would have constrained the japanese pilots to certain ingress and egress routes.
West-looking view of NAS Dutch Harbor showing proposed location of runways. One was built after the attack and exists today.
250-bed hospital that was part of Fort Mears before the attack. Note the enclosed walkways between buildings to shield against the winter weather.
Another view of the hospital from a different angle; this one almost due North.
Shot of Fort Mears and part of NAS Dutch Harbor looking to the Northwest. The four new fuel oil tanks destroyed on the 4th of June have not been erected yet in this shot.
Part of the Rocky Point Tank Farm before the attack. By and large, these tanks survived the attack whereas those off the picture to the left did not. A photo of the smoke from the burning tanks at Rocky Point can be seen here.
View looking northwesterly of the air station and the surrounding area.
View looking east of aircraft revetments under construction. This is a rocky area to work in, with a relatively thin layer of soil covering rock.
Southeasterly view taken from an OS2U Kingfisher scout airplane showing general construction south of airfield tarmac and hangar. Ship above the power plant along the shore was the steamship Northwestern, which was supplying power and steam to the air station while the power plant was under construction.
View looking south over Fort Mears towards the town of Unalaska. Even in the month of the May the nearby hills are covered in snow and ice.
Northerly view showing the town of Unalaska and the small ferry connecting it to Amaknak island, where the NAS and Fort Mears were located.
Overhead view of the Steamship Northwestern and power plant under construction. Note the tall earthen berm around the fuel tanks to prevent fuel from spreading if ruptured.
View looking at NAS Dutch Harbor & Fort Mears over Hog Island, a lonely post if ever there was one!


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