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Damaged Hospital DHBR-2A1
Damage to Unalaska town hospital after attack. A ground view of this damage is available here.
	Craters DHBR-2A3
Bomb craters in the vicinity of radio receiving facilities.
	Craters DHBR-2A4
Craters near road to Fort Mears. The explosion of this bomb can be seen in photo PW4-186.
Fort Mears DHBR-2A5
Damaged area at Fort Mears. About 25 men were killed in this area the first day and 25 wounded from the bombs and flying debris.
Oil Tanks DHBR-2A7
Fuel oil tank damage at the Rocky Point Tank Farm. Each of these tanks was capable of storing 6,666 barrels of fuel oil. They had recently been completed and had only been filled two days before.
Oil Tanks DHBR-2A8
More fuel oil tank damage, this time from a different angle. The remaining tank was storing diesel fuel oil and was punctured and the fuel destroyed in the fire. A ground-view of this area is available here.
Pier Uncaptioned photo showing damaged pier near Rocky Point Tank Farm. The pier in the background is the refueling pier USS Brazos used to fill four tanks that were destroyed on June 4th. This pier can be seen in the photo above.
Northwestern DHBR-2A9
Damage to steamship Northwestern and Siems-Drake warehouse. The Northwestern had been supplying steam and electrical power to the Air Station and was thought to be a loss, but when her fired were extinguished three days after the attack it was discovered that her boilers were undamaged and they were relit and resumed their supply of steam and electricity.
Crater DHBR-2A10
Crater near command hut that hit an Army 37mm gun emplacement. Two soldiers were killed and two seriously wounded.
Gun Crew 
	Location DHBR-2A12
20mm Gun Crew position where a bomb hit and killed Lt. (j.g.) Ken Greiner and three sailors on June 4. This position is just at the point of the two roads. DE-37 USS Greiner was named after the Lieutenant.
	Damage DHBR-2A13
Parking area showing damage to hanger from the attack on June 4th. More pictures of this damage are available here and here. A PBY Catalina damaged the previous day by strafing was in the hangar at the time of the explosion.
Hangar DHBR-2A14
Amphibious patrol airctaft parking area & hangar and foot of Mt. Ballyhoo.
Boat DHBR-2A15
Crash Boat heading out in front of sand spit. Wreckage of a PBY Catalina lies near the shore and part of a wing near the shore, submerged in the water.


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