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Steam Ship Northwestern; Before, During, & After
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Pre-attack view of the Steamship Northwestern and power plant under construction. Note how close she is to shore; she had essentially been grounded in place.

A bomb has just hit the bow of the Steamship Northwestern between six and seven PM on June 4th. The Northwestern's fires would take three days to extinguish and left her uperworks a shambles, but her plant was still operable and her boilers were lit off to continue supplying power to the air station. This photograph was shot on the hill between Biorka and Chernofski Drives Looking over the Marine Corps Barracks building (center right) and Navy Barracks (in front of Northwestern).
View from the North shortly after the bomb struck Northwestern on June 4th. The low, thin, smoke is from US anti-aircraft guns.
The deck of the Northwestern is aflame and the fire has spread to a warehouse used by Siems Drake Puget Sound. The close proximity of the fire to fuel tanks can clearly be seen here as well as a wind unfavorable to the fire fighters.
Work begins on the still-smouldering Northwestern. Because of limited resources and the difficulty in reaching her she burned for three days. Local fire fighters did an amazing job preventing her fire from spreading any further than it did; four wooden fuel tanks were across the street from a contractor's warehouse that did catch fire and survived unscathed due to the actions of Marine Major G. P. Groves and Fire Chief Harold Davis.
Northwestern Photo of the port bow, showing where the bomb blast punched a hole out through the side of the ship. The fire has weakened the steel enough to cause the ship's hull to sag and distort.
Starboard Stern, showing the collapsed stern mast and bent gunwale, and general damage to the superstructure.
Work begins on the deck of the ship (note workman, lower left). Note that while the deck is warped and covered in debris, the smoke stack is in relatively good condition. This was one factor that lead to the relighting of her boilers three days after the attack.

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