Arlington Airfield
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The history of Arlington as a Navy field dates to 1940 when the USN leased the airfield from the city of Arlington after the city's lease on the land expired and they could not afford to purchase it. While aquired as a facility for training, the Navy did not develop or use the airfield and in 1942 allowed the US Army Air Corps to begin developing the site as a base for medium bombers in response to the Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands and attack on Dutch Harbor.

By early 1943 the Japanese threat had eased while the need for more training bases along the west coast had increased. As such, the Navy took back control of the airfield and on 26 June, 1943 Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Arlington, Washington was commissioned into service. Between this date and the end of the war twelve composite squadrons intended for action on escort carriers were trained as well as six air groups; these squadrons saw service in both theaters of the war, sinking u-boats and japanese shipping. Two squadrons were aboard the carriers of the famed Taffy 3.

Following the war NAAS Arlington entered care taker status, and the city was allowed to lease the facilities from the Navy and operate the airfield for civilian purposes. In 1959 the General Services Administration declared the airfield surplus and ownership was officially transferred to the City of Arlington. The airport has since developed into a multi-use general aviation air field with aircraft types ranging from ultra-light to coprporate jet based there. The Northwest Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association has run a near week-long fly-in and airshow at the airport since the early 1970s.

Squadrons Trained at Arlington:

  • VB-139 - July, 1943
  • VC-55 - August, 1943
  • VC-3 - September-November, 1943
  • VC-4 - September-November, 1943
  • VC-77 - January-February, 1944
  • VC-78 - January-February, 1944
  • VC-87 - February-June, 1944
  • VC-90 - February-August, 1944
  • VF-38 - June-August, 1944
  • VT-38 - June-August, 1944
  • VF-49 - August-?? 1944
  • VF-49 - August-?? 1944
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  • Wartime History of Naval Auxiliary Airstation Arlington, Washington
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  • Arlington Municiple Airport
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  • Arlington Municipal Airport - City of Arlington
  • National Register of Historic Places Registration Form (6meg PDF)
  • Arlington Airport Fly-in - annual fly-in and Airshow
  • Flying Heritage Collection - Museum of mostly WWII aircraft located at the airfield
  • Arlington Airport Web Cam (Washington State DOT)

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