You are being lied to
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     Much has been written since the attack on Pearl Harbor about the true causes. One group holds that key leaders in the American government knew of the attack in advance and not only permitted it to happen, but took actions to ensure that it would happen so that they could take the United States into the Second World War.

     There are many books, articles, and websites that seek to expose this conspiracy and prove the deceit of these leaders. Offered up are source documents from the government and military, official correspondance, and interviews with veterans who were in some position to see events unfold.

     But does it all add up? Do they have a valid point? Were the thousands of dead on Oahu preventable?

     There is no real simple answer to this question unless the asker is content to trust the opinion of someone else who might be drivin by an agenda and not portraying all of the facts. To truly understand the answer one must understand the points for and against this idea. If, however, you do not have the patience we have provided convenient quick answer. Otherwise, read on!

    Key Points Revisionism Strives to Prove:
  • The US had broken Japanese codes and was reading all their messages
  • The Kido Butai ("Special Attack Force"), supposedly maintaining radio silence, was actually broadcasting in such a way that the US was able to track them.
  • There were several warnings given to American leaders from outside sources.
  • Key Information was purposefully withheld from Pacific Commanders so they would not be prepared for an attack.

JN-25 Factsheet - Geoffrey Sinclair.
USN AN-1 / JN-25 Decrypt Logs - Courtesy Stephen Budiansky
November 1941 USN report listing Canadian Intelligence on Japan


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