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Two sets of Booklets of General Plans have been located and are available for view & Download. The top set is the 1941 BOGP and largely represents Arizona as she was lost (it lacks the radar antenna pedestal and platform installed at Pearl Harbor later in the year for example). The lower set appears to be a 1924 copy that was later edited to show changes made during Arizona's 1929-31 modernization.
1941 Booklet of General Plans

USS Arizona BB-39 - Sheet 1

Ships information and Inboard Profile

USS Arizona BB-39 - Sheet 2

Outboard profile, superstructure decks and tripod platforms

USS Arizona BB-39 - Sheet 3

Main Deck, Forecastle deck (AKA upper deck), and boat deck (AKA Superstructure Deck)

USS Arizona BB-39 - Sheet 4

Second Deck, Third Deck, First Platform.

USS Arizona BB-39 - Sheet 5

Second Platform, Hold, and Double bottom

USS Arizona BB-39 - Salvage Schematic, February 1942

This drawing was found by researcher Kathleen O'Connor at the San Bruno National Archives branch; it shows Arizona's state after the attack.

1924 Booklet of General Plans
This set of plans is dated 1924 but lists changes dated 1927 and has changes implemented in 1929 drawn into the plans. It is a good source of information of changes given the ghosted older details.

USS Arizona BB-39 - General Information & Data

Weights, dimensions, machinery, battery, boats, capacities, complements, and fire plugs

USS Arizona BB-39 - Plans 3 & 4

Outboard and inboard profiles

USS Arizona BB-39 - Plans 11, 12 & 13

Hold, Double Bottom, and Transverse sections

USS Arizona BB-39 - Plans 14 & 15

Midships section & armor profile


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