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  In reply address, not (SIC?)  the signer of
this letter but Bureau of Aeronautics,
Navy Department, Washington D.C.

Refer to No.    





From: The Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics
To: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships
Subject: Aircraft Carriers CV9-12, Flight Deck Markings.
(a) SupShip N.N. ltr. CV9Class/S19-1/S28(1864)(T) of 29 June 1942
(b) NNSB&DD Co.. Plan No. 830-16< BuShips Plan No. 395679, Painting of Stripes and Letters on Flight Deck.
(c) BuAer ltr. Aer-E-342-MEN, F39-5, FF12 of 2 May 1941.
(d) P.C.O., HORNET ltr. CV8/F39 of 16 Aug. 1941 to SupShip N.News.
(e) BueAer Sk. No. AG 213-A - Type Flight Deck Markings - BAVG2-6 Escort Vessels.
Enclosure: (herewith - 4 copies)
(A) BuAer Sk. No. S.I. 516 -CV9-12 - Painting of Stripes and Letters on Flight Decks.

   1.      It is requested that reference (b) be modified as shown on enclosure (A), which is similar to the scheme shown on reference (e). The requirements of this enclosure are as follows:

(a) Two 16" fore and aft stripes, located as dimensioned, and a 2" wide center line stripe. These stripes are to be painted only between alternate securing tracks.

(b) Four 16" athwartships stripes, located as noted, and extending to the waterway.

(c) Diagonal stripes, 2" wide on each eletavor, with a fore and aft stripe on the center line of the after elevator.

(d) Footage marks on the starboard 16" stripe to be read when facing aft. These marks on the port 16" wide stripe to be read when facing forward.

- 1 -



8 JUL 1942   

From: Supervisor of Shipbuilding, U.S.N., Quincy, Mass.
To: Commandant, Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Va.
Subject: Aircraft Carriers CV16-19 - Painting Flight Deck.
   (a) Bu of Ships' ltr. CV9-21/S19 (512) of May 23 1942, addresed to this and other officers.

     1.     Pursuant to instructions in reference (a), it is requested that 400 gallons of deck paint, Norfolk Formula No. 250-N and 80 gallons of stain for stripes or marking, Norfolk Formula No. 251-N, be shipped to this plant for each of the subject vessels.

     2.     The Contractor states taht this paint will required at this plant on the following dates:

Hull   Required Delivery
CV16 12/1/42
CV17 2/1/43
CV18 9/1/43
CV19 4/1/44

F. F. Agens
by direction

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             Bu. of Ships.

National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19 - Bureau of Ships General Correspondence 1940-45 CA - CVL

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