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From: The Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics.
To  : The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
Subject: Automotive Equipment for Aircraft Carriers -Allowances of.

     1.     Tractors and jeeps have been placed on this bureau's allowance list for aircraft carriers as follows:

Tractors Jeeps
CV's    5   3
CVL's    2   1
CVE's    2   1

     2.     The service weights (complete, with fuel, oil and water) of this equipment are as follows:

   Tractors Service Weight
Hebard A-14 (Also known as a "shop mule")    2780 lbs.
Ford Ferguson Model BNO-25    3715 lbs.
Jeep    2315 lbs.

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Lt. A. 0. Hoistad
July 16, 1943

M. E. Nelson

National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Bureau of Aeronautics General Correspondence 1943-45

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