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It is a little unclear at this time when precisely this set of plans is dated, but it would appear to be around the time that she was re-activated in 1940. At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor USS Allen was part of DesDiv 80, which provided protection and patrol around the Hawaiian Islands. She was kept on duty there throughout the war and was the oldest serving US destroyer, having been launched in 1916.

This was not an exceptionally good or clear set of plans, and they have been left larger in order to facilitate reading.

1940(?) Booklet of General Plans

USS Allen DD-66 - Sheet 1

Ships information and Inboard Profile

USS Allen DD-66 - Sheet 2

Outboard profile, superstructure decks and tripod platforms

USS Allen DD-66 - Sheet 3

Main Deck, Forecastle deck (AKA upper deck), and boat deck (AKA Superstructure Deck)


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