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Below are several drawings I have come across during my time researching. Please DO NOT contact me for additional plans as I have none. Further plans will be posted as I come across them. Most are at posted at 150 DPI and should be more than adequate for most hobbyists; publishers or people wanting higher-resolution images should contact me.

USS Arizona BB-39 - Salvage Schematic, February 1942

This drawing was found by researcher Kathleen O'Connor at the San Bruno Archives; it is an interesting historical document but also should be an aid to the modeler, showing both rigging and lights. It shows Arizona's configuration roughly summer of 1941.

North Carolina & South Dakota Class Battleship
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1939

BB-55 North Carolina
BB-56 Washington
BB-57 South Dakota
BB-58 Indiana
BB-59 Massachusetts
BB-60 Alabama


Brooklyn & St. Louis Class Cruisers
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1935

CL-40 Brooklyn
CL-41 Philadelphia
CL-42 Savannah
CL-43 Nashville
CL-46 Phoenix
CL-47 Boise
CL-48 Honolulu
CL-49 St. Louis
CL-50 Helena


Quincy, Vincennes, & Wichita Heavy Cruisers
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1935

CA-39 Quincy
CA-44 Vincennes
CA-45 Wichita


Farragut Class Destroyers
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1934

DD-348 Farragut
DD-349 Dewey
DD-350 Hull
DD-351 Macdonough
DD-352 Worden
DD-353 Dale
DD-354 Monaghan
DD-355 Aylwin


Destroyers, Submarine, and Seaplane Tenders
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1940

AD-14 Dixie
AD-15 Prairie
AD-17 Piedmont
AD-18 Sierra
AD-19 Yosemite

AS-11 Fulton
AS-12 Sperry

AV-4 Curtiss
AV-5 Albemarle
AV-7 Albemarle


Net Tenders (Later Personnel transport)
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1943

AN-1 / AP-160 Monitor
AN-2 / AP-161 Montauk
AN-3 / AP-108 Osage
AN-4 / AP-109 Saugus


Diver Class Rescue and Salvage Ships
Running, Signal, & Anchor Lights - 1944

Note: This plan was taped, wrinkled, and heavily worn

ARS-5 Diver
ARS-6 Escape
ARS-7 Grapple
ARS-8 Preserver
ARS-9 Shackle
ARS-19 Cable
ARS-10 Chain
ARS-21 Curb
ARS-22 Current
ARS-23 Deliver
ARS-24 Grasp
ARS-25 Safeguard
ARS-26 Seize
ARS-27 Snatch
ARS-28 Valve
ARS-29 Vent
ARS-33 Clamp



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