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(The CB/EW is probably Charles Bittenger/Everett Warner

C-PT/S19-7 (348)

Jul 20 1942


From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
To  : The Chief of Naval Operations.
Subject:     Concealment of the Wake.
Reference:       (a)      NRL conf. letr. C-Hl-15, dated July 10, 1942.

    1.     The Bureau invites attention to paragraph four of reference (a), in which a permanent spray installation is recommended on one of the PT boats for continued experimentation

     2.     It is believed that the information already obtained is by no means complete, either in regard to the most efficient devices and methods of application, or in regard to the most suitable coloring materials.

     3.     The Bureau has requested the Naval Research Laboratory to continue these tests to obtain a unit for a satisfactory shipboard installation for PT craft.

     4.     In view of the very considerable quantities of equipment and material necessary to darken the wake for even short periods, it is requested that the Chief of Naval Operations advise the Bureau of Ships whether to proceed at this time with similar experiments on a larger vessel. If such experimentation is desired, it is requested that a vessel be designated for this work.

Copy to:
  CO MTB Squadron 4


National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files

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