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CinC File No.
     S19/( 0552)

San Pedro, California



From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Fleet.
To  : Commander Aircraft Battle Force.
Via : Commander Battle Force.
Subject: Aircraft Carriers - Change in method of special painting of ramps and flight decks.
Reference:   (a)  Comairbatfor conf. 6th end. S71/l2-Cn/FF2-3(0311) of 23 March 1940.

     1.     The recommendations contained in reference (a) are approved, subject to the following:

(a)    The ramps of one carrier, to be selected by Commander Aircraft Battle Force, may be painted gray.

(b)    Authority is granted to experiment with the painting of the fore and aft lines on the flight deck, with the view of cuttlng down the possible assistance that these lines afford hostile bombers.

     2.     The above authority is granted for experimental purposes only. Report will be made on results obtained and appropriate recommendations submitted, inform all Force and Type Commanders of the carrier designated for special painting.

     3.     By copy of this letter Force Commanders are requested to submit reports as to the effect of the gray painting of the ramps. For their information this painting is being undertaken in an endeavor to render the determination of the carrier's target angle more difficult than it is at present, when yellow painted ramps are available to assist in such determination. Reports are to be forwarded to Commander Aircraft Battle Force not later than 1 July 1940.

Copy to:
     OpNav (?)
     BuAer (Bureau of Aeronautics
     BuCon (?)
     Comscofor (Commander Scouting Force)
     ComSubfor (Commander Submarine Force)
     Combasefor (Commander Base Force)
     Comatron (?)


National Archives & Records Administration, College Park Maryland Branch
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence 1940-45

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