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CinC File No.
Serial 01593



CONFIDENTIAL Pearl Harbor, T.H.,
    Oct 6 1941

From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet
To  : Commander Battle Force
Commander Scouting Force.
Subject: Visibility of Ships
Reference: (a)  Cincpac Conf. ltr. S19/(50) serial 01445 of September 13, 1941.
(b) BuShips Conf. ltr. C-S19-l-(l)(341)/C-EN28/A2-11 of August 29, 1941.

     1.     Reports summarized by reference (a) indicate that the presence of ships has frequently been detected by aircraft observers because of "sun-glint"; viz., reflections of the sun's rays from glass and other specular surfaces.

     2.     In order to test measures for suppression of undesirable reflections, addressees are directed to institute the following measures in one ship of each type under their commands, in each Task Force, and to have aircraft in their commands make observations as to the effectiveness of these measures:

(a) Eliminate all glass which is not essential.
(Example - skylights)

(b) Cover all class retained, when it is not in use.
(Example - searchlight lenses)

(c) Paint or pickle all exposed bright metal surfaces.

     3.     As soon as the bluish-gray paint described in reference (b) is available, decks of the ships designated for application of the measures described in paragraph 2 above should be treated with this paint, and similar observations made.

     4.     Reports of observations, conclusions, and recommendations in the premises are desired prior to 15 December 1941.

     5.     By copy of this letter, the Bureau of Ships., is requested to inform the Forces Afloat as to the prospective date of readiness for issue of new blue-gray deck paint.

Copy to: {Via Clipper)
  BuShips   Cinclant
  OpNav     Cincaf

Flag Secretary.


Via Dana Bell
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park

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