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C-CV/S19-1S19-1 =
C-CV/S11-6 (341)S11-6 =


From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships
To: The Commandant, Norfolk.
Subject: Aircraft Carriers - Stain for Flight Decks
(a) Buships Conf.let.No.C-Sl9-7 (l-7-DYr-2), dated Jan.8/1941.
(b) Buships Conf.let.No.C~S19-l-(l) C-S19-7 (34l), dated Aug.29/1941.

      1.     Reference (a) authorized the Yard to conduct such investigations as might be requisite to develop a suitable gray paint or stain for the flight decks of aircraft carriers in the intereit of low visibility. The Yard was requested to give the investigation a very high priority and keep the Bureau informed of any interesting developments. To date tho Bureau haa received only meager information as to the progress being made with the investigation, except that it is cognizant of the fairly satisfactory results obtained in a preliminary way with a gray stain which was applied as an experiment on the weather deck of the TEXAS.

      2.     In view of the recent issue of instructions in reference (b), relative to the application of a dark bluish gray paint to exposed wood decka, except flight decks of aircraft carriers, the Bureau considers it highly important that the investigation authorised by reference (a) be pushed vigorously toward a successful conclusion. It is believed now that the flight desk should approximate in color the shade of the painted wood decks of battleships and cruiser and it is requested that further work bear that point in mind.


C-CV/S19-1S19-1 =
C-CV/S11-6 (341)S11-6 =
From:        BuShips
To:          Comdt.,Norfolk
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      3.     Information is requested as to whether the Yard has any suggestions at this time for a tentative formulation covering a stain suitable for the purpose in mind and of the desired shade, pending the completion of more extensive investigation.In this connection, please comment on the probable effect from the application of such a dark bluish gray stain on a flight deck which has already been stained with the present standard maroon color coating.



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National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
US Navy Bureau of Ships General Correspondence files, 1940-45

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