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CONFIDENTIAL August 21, 1941

From: Commandant, Nayy Yard, Mare Island
To: Commandant, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor
SUBJECT: Low-visibility gray paints—Change in manufacturing formula
References:    (a) NYPearl Shipment Request 3872 dated May 26, 1941
(b) NYPearl Shipment Request 3968 dated June 4, 1941
(c) BuShips conf. ltr S19-7(341) dated July 30, 1941

         1.    Reference (c) directs that this Navy Yard cease the manufacture of dark gray paint, formula 5-D; tinting Material, formula 5-TM, required to produce light gray, formula 5-L or ocean gray, formula 5-O; to continue the manufacture and issue of white untinted base, formula 5-U in five-gallon buckets and one-gallon pails; also to manufacture and issue blue-black composite paste in one-pint, quart and gallon containers, designated as formula 5-TM.

         2.    In view of the above, the items of paint required under references (a) and (b) will be considered cancelled. A requisition should be submitted for a sufficient quantity of white untinted base, formula 5-U, together with tinting paste, formula 5-TM, to produce the desired amounts of haze-gray, ocean-gray and sea-blue as per the following formula:

To obtain haze-gray, add 2 Pts. 5-TM to 5 Gals. 5-U.
To obtain ocean-gray, add 5 Pts. 5-TM to 5 Gals. 5-U.
To obtain sea-blue, add 10 Pts. 5-TM to 5 Gals. 5-U.



By direction

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National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Mare Island Navy Shipyard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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