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      In reply, address
Commandant, Norfolk Navy Yard
      Portsmouth, Va.

Refer to
File No. JJ52(52-MST)

       Portsmouth, Va.



From: The Commandant.
To  : The Commandant, Navy Yard, Mare Island, Calif.
Subject: Low Visibility Flight Deck Stain (Norfolk No. L-81-3M) and Low Visibility Flight Deck Marking Paint - Formulas.
(separate cover) (REGISTERED MAIL)
One package containing 1 quart of each of subject paints and one color panel of each paint.

      1.      In compliance with instructions, over the telephone on December 12, 1941, from Lieutenant Commander Ingram, Bureau of Ships, the following 100 gallon formulas are furnished:

(a) Low Visibility Flight Deck Stain (Norfolk #L-8l-3M)
Ultramarine blue, dry, "CUX" 79.  lbs.
Titanium dioxide, grade A 47.5  "
Aluminum stearate 8.0  "
Magnesium silicate 31.5  "
Lampblack, dry, "Old Abe" 6.7  "
Spar varnish, F. 85 86.9  "
Petroleum spirits 513.2  "
Drier, #86-D 31.6  "
(b) Low Visibility Flight Deck Marking Paint
Ultramarine blue, dry, "CUX" 43.5 lbs.
Titanium dioxide, type A 52.2  "
Aluminum stearate 8.7  "
Magnesium silicate 34.8  "
Lampblack, dry, "Old Abe" 3.5  "
Spar varnish, F. 85 87.0  "
Petroleum spirits 535.0  "
Drier, #86-D. 34.8  "

      2.      The paints are ground in roller mill. The original production of deck stain was shaded to match standard samples of No. 20-B paint and the marking paint to match No. 5-0 paint.

By direction of the Commandant,

  F. B. BRITT,
  Commander, U. S. N.


National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Mare Island Navy Shipyard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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