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N. B. S. 2

        AND REFER TO NO.
C-S19-1 (2-19)(DYr)





From: Bureau of Ships.
To: Commandant, Norfolk.
Commandant, Mare Island.
Commandant, Cavite.
Subject: Outside Gray Paint -- Manufacturing Formula.
    (a) Buships Conf.let.C-S19-1(1-28) En28/A2-11 (DYr), dated Jan.31/1941.
    (b) Buships Conf.let.No.C-S19-l (2-10) (DYr), dated Feb. 12/1941.
    (c) Buships Conf.Publication - "Ships - 2; Ship Camouflage Instructions".
Enclosures  (herewith):
    (A) Three copies of Buships Specification 52Z7 (INT), dated Feb.1/1941, - Zinc Oxide.
    (B) Three copies of Buships Specification 52R13(INT), dated Feb. 1/1941- Alkyd resin.
    (C) Three copies of Buships Specification 52D7(INT), dated Feb.l/1941> - Naphthenate Driers.
under separate cover - Mailing Order No. 7051)
    (D) 1-pint sample of dark gray paint, Formula 5-D.

      1.      Paragraph 2 of reference (a) indicated that manufacture of the present Navy standard light gray paint in accordance with Formula No. 5 would be discontinued shortly because its gloss and reflectance values are too high for low visibility purposes and because a more durable and otherwise satisfactory basic formula has been developed. This formula specifies a synthetic alkyd resin vehicle and a different pigmentation.


C-S19-1 ((2-19)(DYr)
From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

      2.      The change in manufacturing formula has now become associated intimately with the several camouflage measures described In reference (c). Accordingly, the change in formula must be applied to the paints designated in reference (c) as light gray, ocean gray, and dark gray.

      3.      The production of any one of these gray paints will involve the addition of a tinting material to a white base regardless of whether the paint is made by the addressees as will be the case with the dark gray paint the use of which will probably predominate, or if prepared by the Forces Afloat as will be the case with the light gray or ocean gray paints which will be used to a much lesser extent as pointed out in reference (a) Ifthat isn't a "WTF?" sentence I don't know what is!. Formulas for the light gray and ocean gray paints are not yet available, but it is desired that the Paint Manufacturing Yards procure the necessary ingredients and start manufacture of the white base Formula 5-U and the dark gray paint Formula 5-D. Details of these formulas are as follows:

White Base. Formula 5-U For approximately
    100 gallons
Non-chalking titanium dioxide 62.7 pounds
Zinc oxide 167.3   "
Magnesium silicate 188.2   "
Dipentine 20.9   "
Alkyd resin 433.4   "
Petroleum spirits 105.4   "
Lead naphthenate drier 3.8   "
Manganese naphthenate drier 1.5   "
Cobalt naphthenate drier 1.5   "
Dark Gray Paint, Formula 5-D
Non-chalking titanium dioxide 55.2   "
Zinc oxide 147.2   "
Magnesium silicate 165.6   "
Lampblack 26.2   "
Dipentine 19.4   "
Alkyd resin 436.5   "
Petroleum spirits 179.2   "
Lead naphthenate drier 6.6   "
Manganese naphthenate drier 3.8   "
Cobalt naphthenate drier 1.5   "


- 2 -


C-S19-1 ((2-19)(DYr)
From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

Applicable specifications for the zinc oxide, alkyd resin, and driers are enclosed. Specifications for the non-chalking titanium oxide, magnesium silicate, and lampblack are in preparation, and will be forwarded about 1 March. Non-chalking titanium dioxide is typified by the commercial brands Titanox A-24 and figure 51. Magnesium silicate differs from material now in stock at the Yards in that it is of the high oil absorption type. As regards zinc oxide, steps have already been taken to apply enclosure (B) on the semi-annual stock replenishment program for Norfolk and Mare Island which was originally scheduled for early in January, but postponed at the Bureau's request. The new schedule will open 11 March. It is expected that the tinting material to produce light gray and ocean gray paints as well as the dark gray paint will consist mostly of lampblack of the Duality represented by the brand "Germantown Old Abe" which was authorized in reference (b) to convert present stocks of gray paint Formula No. 5 into dark gray paint.

      4.      Therefore, production of gray paint for the hulls and superstructure of naval vessels shall be on the basis of conformity with Formula 5-D dark gray paint as soon as possible, and the manufacture of light gray paint Formula No. 5 will then be discontinued. If it becomes necessary to manufacture gray paint before all of the new ingredients have arrived at the Paint Manufacturing Yards for the production of the alkyd resin base paints, the following manufacturing formula shall be used:

For 100 gallons
Zinc oxide 327 pounds
Titanium barium pigment 189    "
"Germantown Old Abe" lampblack 39    "
Micatone B-2000 98    "
Raw linseed oil 368    "
Paint drier, formula 86L 109    "
Petroleum spirits 130    "

In producing this paint, it is suggested that two pastes be made; a white base and a black tinting base, this can be accomplished by taking all of the white pigments, about 80% of the raw linseed oil, and about 50% of the drier and


- 3 -


C-S19-1 ((2-19)(DYr)
From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

grind to a smooth paste, the black tinting base can be made by taking all of the black, the remainder of the raw linseed oil and drier, and grinding through the mill two or three times to insure fineness of grind and absorption of drier. To the white base should be added about 90% of the total quantity of black base and 9O% of the petroleum spirits. The remainder of the black paste should be used to tint the batch to match the color desired, the remaining petroleum spirits should be added until the viscosity of the finished paint is approximately 75 Krebs units.

      5.      The Bureau wishes to avoid insofar as practicable the manufacture and distribution of any sizable quantities of the paint referred to in the preceding paragraph. If the situation becomes such that manufacture is unavoidable, it is requested that batches be labeled Formula No, 5-D (Interim), and a special report be forwarded to the Bureau showing the quantities manufactured and to what activities the paint is furnished.

H. A. Ingram
By Direction







Copy to: (without encls.)
      Captain Burrough (Opnav)


- 4 -


National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Mare Island Navy Shipyard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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