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(  0828  )
U. S. S. ENTERPRISE, Flagship
Pearl Harbor, T.H.

CONFIDENTIAL 10 October 1941

From: Commander Aircraft, Battle Force.
To  : The Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics.
Subject: Camouflage, Flight Decks of Airplane carriers.
Reference: (a)  Comairbatfor Conf. ltr. Sl9/23-Rh/FF2-3 aerial 0702 of 5 September 1941.

    1.        The following is a summary of the efforts on the part of the ENTERPRISE (CV6) to arrive at a satisfactory camouflage paint or stain for the flight decks of airplane carriers.

    2.        As a preliminary step, several panels were laid out on the flight deck and several compositions of paint and stain were laid down for a test of slipperinees, durability and color. One of these panels was covered with patrol plane non-specular blue-gray laquer, the same lacquer that at present is used on the upper surfaces of all ENTERPRISE planes. None of the various paints used were satisfactory, including the lacquer, because of their color or inherent slipperiness when wet. The next attempt was to cover the entire flight deck with a very thin coat of blue-gray oil paint. This had to be removed because it became so slippery, when wet, that several minor collisions occurred and several planes shifted position when warming up, even though chocks and wing lines were still in place.

    3.        The latest attempt was to cover the entire deck with a stain of the following oompesltion:

80 parts by volume    Thinner
 4   "   "    " White Lead
 7   "   "    " Prussian Blue
 1   "   "    " Dryer
 5   "   "    " Bensol

This stain gave the deck a grayish-blue appearance, with the original maroon flashing through to some extent. The yellow stripes were left as previously cut down, sixteen Inches wide between every other pair of frames.

    4.        The following summary is compiled from reports from squadron pilots concerning this stain.

- 1 -

(  0828  )
Pearl Harbor, T.H.   

CONFIDENTIAL 10 October 1941

Subject: Camouflage, Flight Decks of Airplane Carriers (Cont'd).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      (a) The present color corresponds very closely with the color of the water.

      (b) The yellow blocks stand out very distinctly and and be reduced in size.

      (c) The present method of painting does not destroy ths depth perception of the pilots either when circling the carrier or when approaching from a distance.

      (d) No further outlining of the deck is necessary.

      (e) The present color assists in camouflaging the deck when approaching from a distance.

      (f) The present color will have no effect on night operations.

    5.        During the present upkeep period, the yellow blocks, forming the fore and aft stripes, are being reduced from sixteen inches wide to four inches wide, the length and spacing remaining the same. A second coat of the stain as specified above, will be applied to cover the maroon flash.

    6.        A further report will be submitted after the next operations.

W. F. Halsey


Copy to:
    Comcardiv ONE


National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, BuShips General Correspondence CA-CV 1940-45

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