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Serial 0217
c/o Postmaster
San Francisco, California


From: Commander Battleships, Battle Force.
To  : Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Camouflage Painting.
Reference: (a)  Pacific Fleet Confidential Notice 15CN-41.
(b) Combatships mailgram 310040 of January 1942.

      1.          In accordance with reference (a), and pursuant to reference (b), the following report is submitted.

      2.          Ships in this force have had insufficient opportunity to observe the various camouflage systems outlined in reference (a), for submittal of reports on comparative merit.

     3.          Observation of Measure 11, "Navy Blue", indicates that it surpasses any of the previous systems in use, from the viewpoint of low visibility by day from the air. Aircraft observers reported that battleships were very difficult to detect in overcast weather, at speeds of about 15 knots, from distances over 5 miles.

     4.          Until such time as further and more comprehensive tests of "Sapphire Blue" have been carried out, it is recommended that ships in this command retain the present mode of painting. Pending the promulgation of new directives, Commander Battleships proposes to make no further observations in the premises.


     List I, Case 2: P1, CBF, BS.




National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, BuShips General Correspondence 1940-45 BAC - BYTL

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