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  c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
CONFIDENTIAL  7 November 1943

From: Commanding Officer.
To  : The Commander Battleships, Division NINE.
Subject: Battleship Camouflage
Reference: (a) CTG 53.2 despatch 022340/NOV.

      1.           The following observations as to effectiveness of battleship camouflage are submitted in accordance with reference (a):

ABLE  -    The type of ship was apparent from Air Defense at 25,000 yards regardless of camouflage, from appearance of main battery directors and single stack.  Tennessee was most deceptive at long range.  The Indiana was not identified from the bridge until her range was 17,000 yards.

BAKER  -   All battleships except Tennessee were sighted at 35,000 yards. Tennessee was sighted at 32,000 yards. This is probably due to her lower superstructure.

CHARLIE  - Day - Target angle of Tennessee was difficult to determine but this was due to symmetrical silhouette and not camouflage.  The target angle and speed of Colorado was difficult to determine because of light paint on bow and stern. The ships appear shorter and conceals the bow wave.  For all other ships the camouflage has little effect on estimate of target angle and speed.
Night - Striped camouflage conceals the target angle very effectively.
Observers at bridge level reported target angle difficult to determine on Colorado and Maryland at ranges above 15,000 yards.
Washington and Massachusetts were not observed at long ranges, but under 12,000 yards the target angle was easier to determine than that of the Indiana.




Subject: Battleship Camouflage Schemes
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General -  Different types of camouflage in task forces of same type ships appears to be the most effective use of camouflage. Contrasting colors such as the Alabama and Washington use make identification as the same type very difficult.












National Archives & Records Administration, Archives I, Washington DC
Record Group 311, United States Fleet Battle Force Commander Battleships General Administrative Files

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