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Serial 032
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
Care Fleet Post Office,
 San Francisco, Calif,
  February 26, 1943.


From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Commander Task Force SIXTY-NINE.
Subject: Camouflage Measures.
Reference:  (a) CTF 69 Confidential despatch 200324 of February, 1943.

      1.         Present Task Force standard camouflage measure 21 is considered the best all around weather condition measure for warships.  Its color after the surface has weathered, blends with most conditions of sky and water in light and darkness.  Target angles and shadows are hard to discern.  Pattern camouflage may be made to break up the hard outlines used for some target angle estimations, however in silhouette or from the air it is believed that pattern camouflage does not offer many advantages and may in fact attract vision where the present measure will not.


0. L. D0WNES.





National Archives & Records Administration, Archives I, Washington DC
Record Group 311, United States Fleet Battle Force Commander Battleships General Administrative Files

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