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From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships
To: The Commandant, Norfolk Navy Yard
SUBJECT:   Manufacture and Shipment Green Tinting Material, Formula 5GTM to New York Navy Yard.

(a)  Telephone conversation between Mr. D. P. Graham, Senior Chemist, calling for BuShips and Mr. N. E. Adamson, answering for NYNOR, about 10:40, February 6, 1943.

     1.    Confirming reference (a), it is requested that the Yard manufacture and ship to the Supply Officer, New York Navy Yard, 50 gallons of a green tinting material in accordance with the following formula:

Pounds/100 Gal.
Chromium Oxide 735.0     
Dipentine 37.0     
Alkyd Resin 400.0     
Mineral Spirits 179.0     
Lead Napthenate 10.4     
Cobalt Napthenate 1.9     
Manganese Napthenate 1.0     
TOTAL   1364.3     

     2.    It is requested that this shipment be made by express because of the urgent requirement for this material in the New York area to coat certain landing craft for low visibility purposes.

     3.    Containers shall be labeled, Formula 5GTM.

     4.    Manufacture and shipment is chargeable to the Yard's Annual Budget under "Maintenance, Bureau of Ships 1943".

     5.    Shipping Order will follow by separate correspondence.

Copy to:
 Supply Dept. NYNY
 Comdr. Brown.

Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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