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S19-7(341) DPG/oag

From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships
To: The Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance
SUBJECT: Camouflage Paint.

 (a)  BuOrd 2nd End. S19-7(Pr) dated September 7, 1942.
 (b) BuShips ltr. A10/S19-(4)(341)EN28/A2-11 dated September 10, 1941.
Enclosure: (h.w.)
(A) One (1) copy each of specifications 52P44, 52P45. and 52P46.

     1.   The Bureau of Ordnance is informed that decision has been made by this Bureau to issue specifications for the several camouflage paints in ready-mixed form as per enclosures herewith. The restrictions imposed by reference (b) upon the manufacture and procurement of these paints is no longer in effect. It will be satisfactory to this Bureau for the Bureau of Ordnance to use the enclosed specifications for the finish on Ordnance equipment. However, the proposal in paragraph 3 of reference (a) to deliver material with the zinc chromate primer coat only may be more desirable in view of the probable uncertainty as to the precise camouflage measure with which the vessel in question will be finished at the tine the Ordnance equipment is being delivered. On the other hand, if it is desired to apply a top coat over the zinc chromate primer, it is strongly recommended that this be Haze Gray paint in accordance with specification 52P45. Other shades of paint, as to conform to a particular camouflage measure, may be applied over this lightest gray shade without trouble as to hiding.


Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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