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S19-7 (360)   AZ/ev/3/2/43

From: The Chief of Bureau of Ships.
To: Commandant, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa.
        (Industrial Department)
SUBJECT:   Paint, Camouflage, Green.

(a)  BuShipS Ad Int. Spec'n. 52P24(INT), Paint Tinting, Black dated Jan. 2, 1943.
(b) SuShips Ad Int. Spec'n. 52P25(INT), Paint, Outside, Untinted Base dated Jan. 2, 1943.
(c) Comdt. NYPHIL Confidential ltr. L5-2(1494-A) (C-ll-P) dated Feb. 6, 1943 to BuShips.

(A) Color Chip of Haze Green (5-HG)
(B)   "    "      Ocean Green (5-OG)
(C)   "    "      Navy Green (5-NG)
(D)   "    "      Deck Green (20-G)

     1.   The Yard is requested to submit recommended specifications for green camouflage paints matching each of the enclosures.

     2.   It is also requested that a specification, similar to reference (a), be submitted for green tinting paint (paste), in accordance with formula submitted by reference (c). This formula has been assigned No. 5-GTM.

     3.   Pending the preparation of the specifications described above, it is requested that mixing formulas for paints matching the enclosures be submitted. The ingredients will be as follows:

5-U and 5-GTM for 5-HG and 5-OG
5-U, 5-GTM and 5-TM for 5-WG

The manufacturing formula to be included in the specification for 20-G should be forwarded at the same time.


Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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