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To: BuShips (336)
Subj:   Low Visibility Paints Representing New Gray Shades - Forwarding of Mixing Formula for #37 Gray Paint - Supplementary Report, Test No. 5042.
Refs: (a)  BuShips letr. S19-7(536)/S19-(9), dated 4 November 1944.
(b) Telephone Conversation, Lt. L. F. Andrews, Yard, Caller: D. P. Graham, BuShips, Callee, 9 November 1944.

1.      As requested by paragraph 3 of ref. (a), the Yard has mixed various amounts of Dull Black Paint, Specification 52P70(INT) with 5 gallons untinted Base Paint, Specification 52P25(INT). The volumes and reflectances obtained are listed below:

Volume 52P70(INT) Dull Black Reflectance
1/4 pint 45.7%
3/8 pint 39.6%
1/2 pint 35.3%

2.      Based on the above results, the Yard recommends that subject paint be prepared by mixing approximately 3/8 pint of Dull Black Paint, Specification 52P70(INT) with 5 gallons Untinted Base Paint, Specification 52P25(INT).

3.      A unit grind formula for #37 Gray Paint will be forwarded after investigation and decision as to possible pigment volume reduction, as discussed by ref. (b).

4.      Color chips representing #37 Gray Paint are forwarded herewith as Encl. 1. The measured reflectance of these chips is 37.6 percent, and they have been prepared by blending the 59.6 and 35.5 percent reflectance mixtures noted in paragraph 1, above. This action has been taken in order to provide color chips for distribution which very nearly match the desired reflectance of 37 percent. The Yard does not consider the actual blend from which these chips were prepared to be practical as a working mixing formula. For the Bureau's guidance, color chips at a reflectance of 39.6 and 35.3 percent are included in Encl. 1.

5.      It is recommended that the Bureau advise the Yard whether the mixing formula and color chips for #37 Gray Paint are considered satisfactory.

By direction of the Comdt:


1. (HW) Color Chips #37 Gray Paint

National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files, 1940-45

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