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File No. JJ52(300-MSR)




From:   Comdt.
To  : Comdt. (Industrial), Navy Yard Philadelphia, Pa.
Subj: Camouflage gray paints - Request for color cards.
Ref: (a) BuShips Speed letter 04 Nov. 0142.
Encl: (SC)- One box containing four quarts of paint.

1.  There is being shipped four quarts of gray camouflage paints from which it is requested that four sets of color cards be prepared and four cards of each set be sent to this Yard.

2.  The reference directs the substitution of neutral gray paints for light gray No. 5-L, haze gray No. 5-H, ocean gray No. 5-0 and Navy gray No. 5-N. This is to conserve the supply of ultramarine blue paint pigment, which is critically short. The reference further authorizes the substitutions of bodied linseed oil, Specifications 52-0-20, for alkyd resin when the latter is not available. Pending the development of composite formulas, the Norfolk and Mare Island Yard are authorized to mix the white base paint (formula 5-U) and black paint (formula 104) to obtain the required reflectances. Except as indicated the new paints are to meet their respective specifications and are to be marked:

Number 37 light gray (5-L)
  " 27 haze gray (5-H)
  " 17 ocean (5-O)
  " 7 navy gray (5-N)

3.  The change was immediately made in the Yard's paint factory. A batch of black paint, formula 104, was made in accord with specifications 52-P-70 and used to shade white base paint, formula 5-U except containing oil in lieu of alkyd. The mixtures meet the required reflectances within 0.2 percent. Wet samples of these mixtures are being used as color standards in factory production. Quart samples of the four shades are being forwarded to Philadelphia for production of color cards for use in connection with the revised specifications.

    By direction of the Commandant,

Copies to:
Commander, U.S.N.


National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files, 1940-45

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