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Section 336
S19-7 (336)



To: Commandant, Navy Yard, Mare Island, California
Commandant, Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia



Subj:   New Visibility Paints Representing New Gray Shades.
Ref: (a) BuShips Spdltr 04 Nov. 1042

1.     In connection with the authority granted in reference (a) to manufacture new gray shades of low visibility paints from mixtures of whits bass paint, Specification 52P256, and black paint, Specification 52P70, as a temporary measure, the addressees are inforaed as follows regarding approximate proportions:

Black Paint White Base
Light Gray-----     3/8 pint   5 gallons
Haze Gray------   1 pint   5 gallons
Ocean Gray----- 2-1/2 pints   5 gallons
Navy Gray------ 15 pints   5 gallons

Proportions should be adjusted finally in Manufactured batches so that the reflectance may be as close as possible to 37, 27, 17, and 7 percent, respectively.





National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files, 1940-45

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