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Section 336 LMM:B??


To: Supervisor of Shipbuilding, USN
Terminal Island Office,
Terminal Island, California
Subj: Neutral Gray Camouflage Paints - Request for Specification of.
Ref: (a) SUPSHIP, Terminal Island ltr S19-7(40952-Tp) to BuShips of 17 Jan. 1945.

1.     In reply to reference (a), leaflet specification for the neutral gray camouflage paints are not yet in print. Pending the issuance of the specifications, as a temporary measure, the following proportions should be used as a guide to match color chips available from the Test laboratory, Navy Yard, Philadelphia.

Formula Black Paint
White Base Paint
No. 37 -(Light Gray)(5-L) 3/8 Pint 5 gallons
No. 27 -(Haze Gray)(5-H) 1 Pint 5 gallons
No. 17 -(Ocean Gray)(5-O) 2-1/2 Pints 5 gallons
No. 7 -(Navy Gray)(5-N) 15 Pints 5 gallon



National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files, 1940-45
Original scans provided by C. Lee Johnson of USNDazzle.com

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