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Serial 931


20 SEP 1945

From: Commander Battleship Squadron TWO.
To: Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Via: Commander Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet,
   (Fleet Maintenance Office).
Subject: Paint Carried in Battleships at Sea.
Reference:     (a)  PacFlt Memo 5M-43 (Revised).
(b) ComBatRon ONE ltr. FC1-1/S19, Ser. 762, of 27 June 1945

     1.        It is recommended that the restrictions of reference (a) be modified to allow battleships to carry on board adequate stock of preservative paints. The reduction of fire hazards, incidental to the termination of the war, now permit comparatively safe stowage of paint on board.


J. F. Shafroth
(John Franklin Shafroth (1887 - 1967) ultimately a Vice Admiral when he retired)







National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence files 1940-1945, BAC - BYTL file codes

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