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File: Aux/319/(70-6)
Serial 04229 20 December, 1944



From: ComServPac (FMO)
To: Distribution List.
Subject: Camouflage Painting - Vessels assigned
to ComServPac

In accordance with new PacFlt letter being issued, request camouflage painting of PacFlt vessels as indicated below during overhaul and loading periods, as follow.

     (a) For AE, AF, AG, AGS, AK, AKS, A0, AOG, AP assigned ComServRon 8, IX oil storage and shuttle tankers, APH, AR, ARH, ARB, ARG, ARB, ARG, ARS, ATA, ATO, ATR, PC, PCE, PCE(R), PCS, SC, YTB, YTM, YTL, no change if Measure 21, 21, or 22 applied except eliminate counter-shading on vertical surfaces. If painting does not conform to any one of these, apply measure 21.
     (b) For docks and barges assigned to ComServPac, apply measure 21.

BuShips requested issue instructions for new construction and conversions accordingly. COTCPac requested take similar action for applicable vessels in shakedown. ComServRon 10 and ComServRonSoPac requested accomplish practicable for vessels in forward area. SuborComdServPac requested take action for vessels loading on West Coast not to delay sailing.











National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Central Subject Files, 1940-50

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