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Dec., 17, 1941    

From: Commanding Officer
To  : Commander Battleships, BATTLE FORCE.
Subject: Material Damage Sustained in Attack on Dec.,7, 1941
Ref s: (a)  Combatships Conf.ltr. A9/L11-1(0937) of Dec. 11, 1941
(b) Articles 712, 874, 948, and 2029, U.S.Navy Regulations, 1920.
(c) Buships Conf. ltr. C-ER13/A9(374); C-S81-3; and C-EN28/A2-11, of Oct., 28, 1941.

1.     The U.S.S. ARIZONA, insofar as can be determined, sustained eight bomb hits and one torpedo hit which completely destroyed the ship fwd of Fr. 88 by fire and explosion of fwd magazines. The fire being finally extinguished after burning two days. It is believed that considerable equipment aft of Fr. 90 can eventually be salvaged.

2.     Detail information as required by reference (c) is as follows:

(a) General (All Battle Damage)
    The U.S.S. ARIZONA was moored at Berth FOX-7, Pearl Harbor in 7$ fathoms of water when the attack took place at 0755 Dec. 7, 1941. The draft before the attack was approximately as follows: Fwd 32 ft. six inches; aft 33 ft,

(b) Bomb Hits (Only the 1st and 8th hits actually happened)
(1) One 500 lb bomb hit the face plate of #4 turret on the stbd side, glanced off and passed through the deck at Fr. 123, stbd side of the quarterdeck, betw (between) the Captain's hatch and #4 turret and exploded in the Captain's Pantry, destroying the Captain's Pantry and Admiral's Pantry. A small fire started which apparently burned itself out in a short time.
(2) One. 500 lb bomb hit the ship at Fr. 85, port galley deck. Width of hole in deck is about 24 inches in diameter, depth of penetration is not known.
(3) One 500 lb or 1000 lb bomb hit at Fr. 96, port side of quarterdeck in M.B. Stowage, depth of penetration is not known, width of hole in deck is approx, 24 inches.

- 1 -

(4) One bomb, approx. 1000 lb, hit on the boat deck just fwd of stack, at Fr. 67. Width of hole on boat deck is approx, four feet, depth of penetration is not known.
(5) One heavy bomb apparently 1000 or 2000 lb, went down the stack. Extent of damage is not known.
(6) One bomb hit, size of bomb not known, on boat deck at Fr. 66, portside, by #4 Antiaircraft gun ammunition hoist, extent of damage done by this bomb is not known.
(7) One heavy bomb hit, estimated over 1000 lb, at Fr. 73, portside of boat deck just fwd of the incinerator, by #6 Antiaircraft gun. The extent of damage done by this bomb is not known.
(8) Apparently one large, possibly 2000 lb, armor piercing bomb hit forecastle by #2 turret, which it is believed penetrated to the black powder magazines, setting off the smokeless powder magazines adjacent and causing the explosion which destroyed the ship fwd.

(c) From the report of the Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Vestal, which was moored alongside of the Arizona, to port, bow to stern, the Arizona apparently sustained a torpedo hit abt Fr. 35, port side. Damaged caused by this torpedo hit cannot be determined as the ship in this area has been completely destroyed. The outboard fuel oil tanks were filled to 95% capacity in the area of the possible torpedo hit.

3.     The ship, at the start of the attack, was in material condition X-Ray with usual water-tight doors closed below the 3rd deck, except air ports above water-line were open. Material condition ZED has been partially set during the action before the ship was destroyed.

4.     The after magazines were voluntarily flooded during the attack.





National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, War Damage Reports & Related Records, 1942-49

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