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Below are several drawings I have come across during my time researching. Please DO NOT contact me for additional plans as I have none. Further plans will be posted as I come across them. Most are at posted at 150 DPI and should be more than adequate for most hobbyists; publishers or people wanting higher-resolution images should contact me.

  • Booklet of General Plans - The BOGPs offer plans by deck level with internal and external views from the side (known as the internal and external profile). Not generaly detailed for model builders, think of these more as maps for crew to learn the layout of the ship
  • Running and Signal Lights - Found at Seattle NARA, these offer the positions and names of the various lights on ships. Some extra information in the way of rigging may be present.
  • Miscellaneous Plans - things such as cut-aways and more one-off plans or drawings.


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