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This is not strictly camouflage related, but it is part of the pre-war ship marking system and is thus included here. This was a 1938 Memo originally issued on August 6th, 1938, revised for the addition of BatDiv Fice in October of 1939, and superseded in June of 1940.
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U. S. FLEET LETTER NO. 24L-38 (Revised)

Subject:      Aircraft Tail Markings and Turret Markings for Aircraft Identification.

     1.      The following tail markings are prescribed for the various aircraft squadrons of the U. S. Fleet.

Division Squadron   Tail Marking
BATDIV ONE   VO-1 Red (Solid)
BATDIV TWO   VO-2 White (Solid)
BATDIV THREE   VO-3 Blue (Solid)
BATDIV FOUR   VO-4 Black (Solid)
BATDIV FIVE   VO-5 Yellow (Solid)


Division Squadron   Tail Marking
CRUDIV FOUR  VCS-4 Blue (Single Stripe)
CRUDIV FIVE  VCS-5 Yellow (Single Stripe)
CRUDIV SIX  VCS-6 Black (Single Stripe)
CRUDIV SEVEN  VCS-7 Green (Single Stripe)


Division Squadron   Tail Marking
CRUDIV TWO  VCS-2 Blue (Double Stripe)
CRUDIV THREE  VCS-3 Red (Double Stripe)
CRUDIV EIGHT  VCS-8 Black (Double Stripe)
CRUDIV NINE  VCS-9 Green (Double Stripe)
DETROIT and RALEIGH   Blue (Double Stripe)
RICHMOND   Red (Double Stripe)


Division Squadron   Tail Marking
LEXINGTON    All Yellow (Solid)
SARATOGA    All White (Solid)
RANGER    All Green (Solid)
YORKTOWN    All Red (Solid)
ENTERPRISE    All Blue (Solid)
WASP    All Black (Solid)


Wing and
Normal Base
Squadron   Tail Marking
WING ONE  VP-11 Blue (Double Stripe)
(San Diego)  VP-12 Red (Double Stripe)
 VP-13 Green (Double Stripe)
 VP-14 Yellow (Double Stripe)
WING TWO  VP-21 Red (Solid)
(Pearl Harbor)  VP-22 Yellow (Solid)
 VP-23 Blue (Solid)
 VP-24 Aluminum (Solid)
 VP-25 Black (Solid)
WING THREE  VP-31 Green (Single Stripe)
(Coco Solo)  VP-32 Red (Single Stripe)
 VP-33 Black (Single Stripe)
WING FOUR  VP-41 Blue (Checker)
(Seattle-Sitka)  VP-42 Red (Checker)
 VP-43 Yellow (Checker)
 VP-44 Black (Checker)
 VP-45 Green (Checker)
WING FIVE  VP-51 Yellow (Solid)
(Norfolk)  VP-52 Blue (Solid)
 VP-53 Red (Solid)
 VP-54 Green (Solid)
  VJ-1 Green (Solid)
  VJ-2 Yellow (Solid)
  VJ-3 Aluminum (Solid)
AIRCRAFT ONE   All Red, White
AIRCRAFT TWO   All and Blue
VMS THREE   — Vertical Stripes


     2.      Each division will paint the top of its forward turrets or enclosed mounts the same color as the tail surfaces of its aircraft. Each ship will paint the top of its after turret or enclosed mount the same color as the section marking of its aircraft. The color used will conform as closely as possible to the shade of the tail and section markings. Remaining surfaces will be painted gray. When stripes are involved, they will be painted parallel to the axis of the guns.

National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Commandant's Office Central Subject Files, 1925-42

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