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Cincpac File No.
Serial 02050

CONFIDENTIAL Pearl Harbor, T.H.,
December 16, 1941.

From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Painting of Ships.
Reference: (a)  Buships ltr. C-A10/S19-(4) (341-250)/ C-EN28/A2-11 of October 15,1941.
(b) Pacific Fleet Confidential Notice 15CN-41.
(c) Buships ltr. C-S19-7(341) of October 20, 1941.
(d) Cincpac Conf. ltr. S19/(50) Serial 01593 of October 6, 1941.

      1.     By reference (a), the Bureau of Ships distributed the first revision of Ship Camouflage Instructions (Ships 2), dated September 1, 1941.

      2.     New paint products, formula 5U and formula 5TM, are under manufacture, and initial shipments have reached Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, where they are in stock.

      3.     In accordance with paragraph 3 of reference (a), the following measures of revised Ships 2 are hereby placed in effect for ships of the Pacific Fleet:

             (a) Surface ships, less carriers - Measure 11 except that "Navy Blue", formula 5-N will be used in place of "Sea Blue", formula 5-S. "Navy Blue", formula 5-N, is made from untinted white base, Formula 5-U, by the addition of 15 pints of tinting material, Formula 5-TM, to five gallons of base.

             (b) Carriers - As in (a) above, excepting that flight decks shall continue to be painted in accordance with instructions issued by Commander Aircraft, Battle Force.

             (c) Submarines - Measure 9.

      4.     Navy Blue formula 5-N has been specified instead of Sea Blue formula 5-S because preliminary observations indicate Sea Blue to be too light in color.

      5.     Inasmuch as supplies of new paint products in this area are still limited, application of Measure 11 is, for the present, restricted to those ships in need of complete repainting. Measure 5, false bow waves, and Type-Concealment Measures 6, 7 and 8 of old Ships 2 have proven valueless. Ships shall discontinue these, even before complete repainting is undertaken. Upon the new paint products becoming available in quantity, instructions will be promulgated covering the general application of Measure 11. Experimental measures now applied to the PORTER, FLUSSER, LAMSON, MAHAN and DRAYTON shall remain effective until repainting is required.


      6.     Instances of attempts to attain improved appearance, by adding varnish, linseed oil, or other ingredients not called for by the formula, or rubbing down exterior painted surfaces with linseed oil, have been noted. These practices produce glossy surfaces and increase specular reflection. They shall be discontinued.


Chief of Staff.


   List II, Case 2; P, X2, X8,
   EN3, EN7, ND11-14, NY8-10,
   NB49(5), Cincaf(25), Cinclant(50).

Flag Secretary.










National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 313, CinCLant Confidential & Restricted Files 1941-43

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