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C-S19-1 (DYr)

Bureau of Ships
Washington, D. C.


From: Bureau of Ships.
To: Commandant, Norfolk.
Commandant, Mare Island.
Commandant, Cavite.
Subject: Addition to Navy Standard Outside Light Gray Paint, Formula No, 6,(SIC) to convert to Dark Gray Paint.
    (a) Buships Conf.let.No.C-S19-l(1-28 EN28/A2-11 (DY8r), dated Jan.31/1941.
    (b) Confidential Publication "Ship Camouflage Instructions" (short title, "Ships - 2").
Enclosure: (herewith): (not attached)
    (A) One panel coated with converted light gray paint.
    (B) (B) Sample label for black paste containers.

     1.     Reference (a) indicated the procedure necessary to provide for the painting of vessels a dark gray shade to fulfill the requirements of Measure No. 1 of reference (b). One phase of the procedure is to convert existing stocks of light gray paint, Formula No. 5, into the desired dark gray color with reduced gloss and reflectance. This will be accomplished by the addition of a black paste in accordance with the detail procedure set forth in paragraph 2, reference (a). The desired result is shown by panel, enclosure (A).

     2.     Reference (a) stated that the black paste would be supplied to the Service by the Paint Manufacturing Yards. The details of the manufacturing formula for the black paste is in the final development stage at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and will be forwarded shortly to the addressees. It will contain zinc oxide, spar varnish, and drier, present stock item, but in addition will contain also a special brand of lampblack and a micaceous pigment neither of which are now available at the Paint Manufacturing yards. It is believed




C-S19-1 (DYr)
From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commandant, Norfolk.
Commandant, Mare Island.
Commandant, Cavite.

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that the anticipated success with this procedure will depend to a great extent upon proper identification and labeling of the black paste containers. It is requested that the Yards work up some scheme of labeling containers that will include the features embodied in enclosure (B). About 25 pounds of paste will be in each container.

     3.     The special brand of lampblack, "Germantown Old Abe", manufactured by Bihn & Wolff Company, Bridesburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gave lower gloss and reflectance values than any other brand of lamp black or carbon black used by the Philadelphia Yard in its laboratory experiments. The micaceous pigment, 'Micatone B-2000" manufactured by the English Mica Ccmpany, Spruce Pine, North Carolina, was found to be the most efficient flatting agent of all the materials tried. In order that the addressees may be able to deliver initially some of the black paste about 15 March 1941, expeditious and proprietary procurement has been approved by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, based upon NSA Bureau of Ships Requisition No. 1248, Series 1941. This requisition covers the estimated initial requirements of the addressees for the lamp black and mica pigment, 320,000 pounds of each material. Specifications call for delivery of two carloads of each material, approximately 40,000 pounds, to Norfolk and Mare Island as soon after award of contract as possible, the balance of the materials to be ordered within 90 days by the Supply Officers of the respective Yards when needed.

     4.     It is requested that the Norfolk and Mare Island Yards make every effort to anticipate the date of 15 March in order that the conversion of present stocks of light gray paint may be effected as promptly as possible because of the military advantages connected with this conversion and subsequent use of the dark gray paint.

H.A. Ingram
By direction

Copy to (without enclosures):
        All Fleet Commanders-in-Chief
        All Force and type Commanders

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Via Dana Bell
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park

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