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C O P Y Ps


Portsmouth, Va.


1 April 1941

From: The Commandant.
To  : The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
Subject: Outside Gray Paint -- Manufacture of.
    (a) BuShips conf. let. #C-S19-1-(5) (DYr) of 21 March 1941.

      1.      To strictly comply with instructions in the reference, it will be necessary to purchase special size cans for No. 5-TM paste, -approximately 5,000 cans holding 9 fluid ounces and 5,000 cans holding 60 fluid ounces. This requirement probably will delay manufacture and issue of the paste. However, if the Bureau will authorize issuing the paste in partly filled cans (9 fluid ounces in one pint cans and 60 fluid ounces in one gallon cans), it is believed that manufacture and issue of paste No. 5-TM and paints Nos. 5-U and 5-D can be started during the week of April 21, 1941

      2.      Requisitions are outstanding for all materials not on hand except "CUX" ultramarine blue and the special size cans. Requisitions for these are being issued.

      3.      The last sentence of the reference requests a statement of further steps to be taken before the Yard can serve the Forces Afloat. In response to this, it is stated that, at present, all suitable equipment for grinding black paste No. 5-BP is engaged on this work. It was found that the old roller mill was so worn that satisfactory grinding could not be obtained. A new roller mill, recently delivered, was installed and is now operating twenty-four hours per day on black paste. When it was found that the old roller mill did not give satisfactory grind, the work was immediately shifted to flat-iron mills, which produced a fairly satisfactory grind. Also, two burr stone mills have been put on this work in an effort to increase out put. The old roller mill was then put on products which do not require thorough grinding. The starting of the new roller mill, last week, increased the out put of black paste from approximately 600 gallons per week to approximately 3500 gallons per week. Orders for black paste, based on notices of quantities of light gray paint on hand, total approximately 50,000 gallons. Instead of supplying each vessel with full quantity ordered, each is being furnished the quantity required






From:   The Commdt.
To: BuShips
Subj: Outside Gray Paint -- Manufacture of.

for one painting and, after this has been done, the remainder on orders will be furnished unless stop orders are received. Under the conditions, it can be seen that more equipment for grinding is the immediate need, but whether such equipment can be obtained in time to serve the present peak of work or whether such equipment will be excessive after the present peak is not known. Considerable paint manufacturing has been put out on contract to relieve the work load. It is requested that the Bureau state whether black paste #5-BP or the camouflage paints covered by the reference is the more urgent.

By direction of the Commandant,

/s/ F. B. BRITT,
    Commander, U. S. N.








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National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Mare Island Navy Shipyard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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