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        AND REFER TO NO.





From: Bureau of Ships.
To  : Commandant, Norfolk
Commandant, Mare Island
Commandant, Cavite
Subject: Outside Gray Paint -- Change in Manufacturing Formulas
    (a) Buships conf. let. C-S19-l(l-28) EN28/A2-11 dated 31 January 1941.
    (b) Buships conf. publication -- "Ships - 2; Ship Camouflage Instructions".
    (c) Buships conf. let. C-S19-1(2-19) dated 20 February 1941.
    (d) Buships conf. let. C-S19-1 dated 1 February 1941.
Enclosures  (herewith):
    (A) Three copies Bureau of Ships Specification 52M2 (INT) dated 15 March 1941 Magnesium Silicate.
    (B) Three copies of Bureau of Ships Specification 52T8 (INT) dated 1 February 1941 Titanium Dioxide.
Enclosures:  (under separate cover):
    (C) Four painted panels comprising two each of the 5-L and 5-O formulas.
    (D) Two pint samples comprising one each of the 5-L and 5-O formulas.

      1.      Paragraph 5 of reference (a) described briefly the procedure for securing paint of the proper shade to satisfy demands for light gray and ocean gray paints, formulas 5-L and 5-O, as called for by the measures of reference (b). The procedure involves the addition of a definite amount of a tinting paste to a five gallon container of a basic white



From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

paint to be known as untinted gray, formula 5-U. The Bureau has been of the opinion that in applying the camouflage measures of reference (b) the proportional amounts of light gray or ocean gray paints consumed by the Forces Afloat would be relatively small in comparison to the amount of dark gray paint, formula 5-D; therefore, it was considered inadvisable to manufacture large quantities of the light gray and ocean gray paints, formulas 5-L and 5-0, but to manufacture at Norfolk, Mare Island, and Cavite a white base and a tinting paste for issue to Forces Afloat.

      2.      The formula for the white base paint, formula, 5-U, was furnished the addresses in paragraph 3 of reference (c). Specifications for the non-chalking titanium dioxide and magnesium silicate are forwarded herewith, enclosures (A) and (B). Reference (c) indicated that the non-chalking titanium dioxide should be similar to material offered to the trade under the brand designation Titanox A24 or Tipure 51. Further consideration of the matter has led the Bureau to prepare a specification for the non-chalking titanium dioxide covering the type of material available under the brand designation Titanox A-NC or Tipure O, and enclosure (B) describes such material. The specifications as shown in enclosures (A) and (B) have been made the applicable specifications on requisitions recently received from Norfolk for the respective materials.

      3.      With respect to the tinting material for issue to the service incident to the production of light gray and ocean gray paints, formulas 5-L and 5-0, it is considered advisable to proceed along the following lines at the paint manufacturing Yards:

     (a) Prepare a blue paste in accordance with the following formula:

For 100 gallons

Ultramarine blue 297.3 lbs.
Alkyd resin 490.5 lbs.
Petroleum spirits 154.9 lbs.
Lead naphthenate 4.1 lbs.
Cobalt naphthenate 1.6 lbs.
Manganese naphthenate        1.6 lbs.


- 2 -


From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

     (b) Prepare a black paste in accordance with, the following formulas:

For 100 gallons

Germantowm "Old Abe" lampblack 161.8 lbs.
Cobalt naphthenate (to neutralize
  the drier absorption of the
13.4 lbs.
Alkyd resin 340.0 lbs.
Petroleum spirits 309.6 lbs.
Lead naphthenate 2.9 lbs.
Cobalt naphthenate 1.2 lbs.
Manganese naphthenate        1.2 lbs.

     (c) These formulas have been based upon certain brands of blue and black pigments. The ultramarine blue is that known as CUX, manufactured by the Calco Chemical Company. Unless these prescribed blue and black pigments are used it will possibly be necessary to make small adjustments in the formulas to secure the desired shades in the ultimate product if present stock materials are used. It is suggested that both pastes be passed through the mill two or three times as necessary to insure fineness of grind.

     (d) Extreme care should be exercised, in adding the petroleum spirits to each batch of paste so that a final volume of 100 gallons in each ease is obtained.

     (e) A composite of the foregoing blue and black pastes shall be mixed in the following proportion as the tinting material for issues:

blue paste 100 gals.
black paste 26.5 gals.

     (f) Package the composite tinting material for issue in such size containers as will hold


- 3 -


From:      Bureau of Ships.
To: Commdt., Norfolk.
Commdt., Mare Island.
Commdt., Cavite.

nine fluid ounces if the tinting material is to be used for preparing light gray paint, formula 5-L, from five gallons of the white base, formula 5-U, and in such size container as will hold sixty fluid ounces of the tinting material if it is to be used to produce ocean gray paint, formula 5-O, from five gallons of the white base, formula 5-U.

      4.      Similar to the procedure set up by the instructions in paragraph 2 of reference (d), the successful manipulation of the tinting material and the white base to obtain the desired results will be contingent upon the proper identification and labeling of the containers holding the tinting material. It is requested that the Yards devise a simple but all inclusive label as regards pertinent information for the containers. In this connection the Bureau assigns the designation 5-TM for the formula covering the composite tinting material prepared in accordance with the foregoing directions, particularly as given in subparagreph (c) of paragraph 3. It will be noted that this formula is applicable to the tinting material for conversion of the white base to both the light gray and ocean gray shades. The only difference is in the quantity of tinting material in the respective containers.

      5.      Enclosures (C) and (D) are submitted for guidance in manufacturing the pastes so that the final product light gray or ocean gray may be similar to the standards established by the Bureau when prepared by the Forces Afloat.

      6.     Information is requested at the earliest practicable date as to when each addressee will be ready to manufacture and issue paints and tinting materials, formulas 5-U, 5-TM, and 5-D. Also a statement is desired as to what further steps must be taken before each Yard can serve the Forces Afloat with those products.

Copy to: (without encls.)
      Captain Burrough (Opnav)
H. A. Ingram
By Direction


- 4 -


National Archives & Records Administration, San Francisco Branch
Record Group 181, Mare Island Navy Shipyard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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