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JJ52/L5-2 S19-1 (C-ll)

JUL 30 1941



From: Commandant
To: Inspector of Naval Materials, Schenectady.
SUBJECT: Request for Samples of Low Visibility Gray Paint.
     (a) Buships ltr. S19-(7)(34l), dated 25 July 194l, to Comdt., Phila.
Enclosure:       (separate cover - parcel post)
     (A) One quart each of 5-L, 5-O, 5-D, 5-U, and tinting Medium for converting 5-U (untinted bass) to the 5-L and 5-O shades; also, one quart each of PB 4/4, PB 6/2, and Tinting Material for Converting stocks of 5-U to the Munsell shades PB 4/4 and PB 6/2.

1.In accordance with instructions given in reference (a), the Yard is shipping, under separate cover as enclosure (A), quart samples of the following material:

Light Gray Formula 5-L
Ocean Gray Formula 5-0
Dark Gray Formula 5-D
White untinted base Formula 5-U
Tinting Medium for converting stocks
   of the 5-U to 5-L and 5-0

2.Recently, the Bureau requested the Yard to develop two new shades of outside paint, Munsell PB 4/4 and PB 6/2 (These would be 5-S Sea Blue and 5-H Haze Gray, respectively.. Those shades are also obtained by the addition of an appropriate tinting material to 5-U. Samples of each of the above shades and tinting medium are also included in Enclosure (A).


By direction

cc: Bureau of Ships (2)

Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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