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S19-1 (M-3)

From: Commandant
To: Chief of the Bureau of Ships
SUBJECT: Boats - Painting of.
REFERENCES:    (a)  Buships ltr S19-l-(3) (DYr) of 4 March 1941.
(b)  Ships-2, January 1941.
(c)  "Instructions for Painting, etc." Appendix 6 to General Specs.

     1.       Reference (a) prescribes dark gray paint formula 5-D for painting of boats on ships specified for the new dark gray paint. Amplification is requested, however, of these instructions as they do not indicate whether this paint should be used merely as a substitute for the old gray paint where its use is specified in reference (c) or whether the entire boat should be given a uniform coat of dark gray, inside and out, covering all present varnished and bright work as would be indicated from instructions in reference (b).

     2.       In view of the large amount of boat work underway at this Yard, an early reply is requested.



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National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
PSNS-3 Central Subject Files, 1936-61

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