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C-S19-7 (341)

S19-7 Camouflage
S19-1 Paint
EN28 = Bureau of Ships,
A2-11 = Departmental orders.
September 20, 1941



From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
To: The Commandant, Navy Yard, Norfolk
The Commandant, Navy Yard, Mare Island (Via Air Mail)
The Commandant, Navy Yard, Cavite (Via Air Mail)
SUBJECT:     Low Visibility Gray Paints - Change in Manufacturing Formula.
References: (a) BuShips Conf. ltr. C-S19-7(341) dated July 30, 1941.

     1.     In amplification of reference (a), and in the absence of other conflicting instructions, it is requested that the paint manufacturing yards addressed substitute equal quantities of the new paints for the old paints in fulfillment of requisitions. The table of substitute colors is appended:

Substitute for Light Gray 5 or 5-L; "Haze Gray" (5-H), made from 5 gals. 5-U plus 2 pints 5-TM.

Substitute for Ocean Gray 5-0; "Ocean Gray" (5-0), made from 5 gals. 5-U plus 5 pints 5-TM.

Substitute for Dark Gray 5-D; "Sea Blue" (5-5), made from 5 gals. 5-U plus 10 pints 5-TM.


H. A. Ingram
By Direction


Copy to:
Opnav (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations)
Via Air Mail  CinCpac (Commander-In-Chief, Pacific Fleet)
 "   "    " CinClant (Commander-In-Chief, Atlantic Fleet)
 "   "    " CinCaf (Commander-In-Chief, Asiatic Fleet)
 "   "    " ComFifteen (with copy of ref.(a))
 "   "    " Comdts.All
 other NYd's  "    "   "  "   "
BuSandA (Bureau of Supplies and Accounts)


National Archives & Records Administration, San Bruno Branch
Mare Island Naval Ship Yard General Corespondence Files 1941-46

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