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        To reply, address
Commandant, Norfolk Navy Yard
        Portsmouth, Va.

Refer to
File No.JJ52.(36l-MST-10/l).

SEP 13 1941


From: The Commandant.
To: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
SUBJECT:  Low Visibility Paint Materials. (Comdt.,Charleston, S.C. letter JJ52/PY(P-l-3-12), dated Sept. 5, 1941).

1.The above request is typical of several that have been received from Navy Yards, Supply Depots and vessels. Apparently there is a need throughout the service for information regarding the subject paints, which information has been furnished by the Bureau to only the paint manufacturing yards. The answering of individual requests for information involves considerable more technical, clerical and typographical work than would be involved in sending one circular to all stations. Accordingly, it is requested that the Bureau send such circular, so that forces afloat will stop requisitioning such products as Formulas Nos. 5, 5-BP and 5-D which this Yard has been directed to stop making.

2.The Commandant of the Fifteenth Naval District, Balboa, C.Z., has recently informed this Yard that it was not feasible to obtain the subject paints from this Yard; and has requested, and has been furnished, formulas for the subject products. It is evidently the intention to attempt the manufacture there of both obsolete and current camouflage colors. Supervisors of Shipbuilding have requested formulas. Officers of vessels at the Yard seek information,-especially as to what paints to use. An effort to develop stains for flight decks,-involving test of a stain on the USS RANGER,-met with objection to applying any experimental stain until the Bureau of Aeronautics had given instructions. These are some of the conditions encountered.


By direction of the Commandant,

Copy to:
 Comdt., Charleston
Captain, U.S.N.,

Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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