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File No. JJ52 (348-MSR)

From: The Commandant Dec 20, 1942
To: The Bureau of Ships
Subject: Low Visibility Plight Deck Stain (Formula 250N) and Low Visibility Flight Deck Marking Stain (Formula 251N) - Specifications for.
(a)  BuShips ltr. #S19-(7) (350) dated Nov. 30, 1942.

     1.      Following a visit to the Yard of a representative of the Bureau, Mr. Graham, it was considered advisable to make slight changes in the Low Visibility Flight Deck Stain, Formula #250-N in order to make it match more nearly the current Blue Deck, 20-B before reporting it to the Bureau as requested in the reference.

     2.      The following are calculated 100 gallon formulas for both 250-N and 251-N:

Formula 250-N
 Ultramarine Blue (CUX)   6.4 lbs.
 Titanox A-NC 109.6
 Lampblack (Old Abe)   8.0
 Chrome Green   4.0
 Aluminum Stearate   8.0
 Magnesium Silicate  32.0
 Varnish(52-V-17)(visc. L-M)  80.0
 Mineral Spirits 440.0
 High Aromatic Naphtha-type 2  80.0
 Lead Naphthenate  (24%)   0.371
 Manganese  "      (6%)   0.018
*Lampblack-in-oil  27.341
795.730 lbs.

* Vary to match color 20-B

Formula 251-N
 Ultramarine Blue (CUX)  11.2 lbs.
 Titanox A-NC 116.0
 Lampblack (Old Abe)   0.8
 Aluminum Stearate   8.0
 Magnesium Silicate  32.0
 Varnish(52-V-17)(visc. L-M)  80.0
 Mineral Spirits 440.0
 High Aromatic Naphtha-type 2  80.0
 Lead Naphthenate (24%)   0.186
 Manganese Naphthenate (6%)   0.009
*Lampblack-in-oil   6.42
774.615 lbs.

* Vary to match color of 5-0



     3.      In connection with the color of the Formula F#250-N stain attention is invited to the fact that this color is grayer (showing less blue tone) than the color represented by color chips recently received from the Philadelphia Yard. The present 250-N is being made to match the Yard samples, representing material used to spray the color chips which were made here and forwarded to the Bureau.

     4.      Proposed specifcations covering these two items will be forwarded as soon as necessary testing can be completed.

Commander, U.S.N.(Ret.)










Via Ron Smith
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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