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Bureau of Ships
Washington, D.C.
January 23, 1942



From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships.
To: The Commandants, Navy Yards
  Boston, Mass.Norfolk, Va.
  Charleston, S.C.Puget Sound, Wash.
  Philadelphia, Pa.
The Supervisors of Shipbuilding, USN:
  New York, N,Y.Orange, Texas
  Bath, Me.Terminal Island, Calif.
  San Francisco, Calif.Chickasaw, Ala.
  Seattle, Wash.
SUBJECT: Destroyers - Camouflage Painting of

 (a) BUSHIPS ltr. C-S19-7(3631) of Dec. 5 1941.

     1.       In connection with the camouflage measure to be applied to destroyers building, the Bureau, in reference (a), advised the Building Yards to obtain the Fleet assignment of the vessel involved from or through the Prospective Commanding Officer in all cases in which this information could be obtained in time to allow timely ordering and application of the paint.

     2.       Wherever the above procedure is not practicable, the Building Yards are advised that, based on the best information available to the Bureau, measure 12 should be applied to destroyers building on the East Coast and measure 11 applied to destroyers building on the West Coast.



Copy To: OPNAV
SUPSHIP, Staten Island



National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Central Subject Files, 1940-50

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