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File No.
FE26/ S19
Serial 282

Office of the Commander

April 21, 1943

From: Commander Amphibious Force, South Pacific.
To  : APD's, APc's, LST's, LCI's, LCT's, Amphibious Force, South Pacific.
Subject: Camouflage Instructions.
Reference:   (a) Pacific Fleet Conf. Memo 3CM-43 of January 26, 1943.

     1.   The Tropic Green System is prescribed for all APD's, APc's, LST's, LCI'S, and LCT's of the Amphibious Force South Pacific. This system will be applied to all outside surfaces, vertical, horizontal, and sloping, conforming to the pattern shown below.

Section of Outside Surface of Ship

Base Mix: 5 parts zinc chromate primer, Formula 84, and 4 parts tinting paste, Formula 5TMa.
Streak Mix: 5 parts zinc chromate primer, Formula 84, and 2 parts tinting paste, Formula 5 TMa.
Streaks will be irregular and will vary in length from two to nine feet, and in width from 1 inch to 3 inches. Lateral distance between streaks will average 3 feet.

Copy to:  Comlancraftflots Sopac
          Comtransgroup Sopac
          Cincpac, Comamphsowespac.


Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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