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9-Feb 1943

From: The Chief of the Bureau of Ships
To: The Commandant, (Field Production Division), New York Navy Yards
SUBJECT:   Camouflage Paints

Enclosure: hw
   (A)   One copy BuShips Specifications 52P43(INT).
   (B) One copy BuShips Specifications 52P44(INT).
   (C) One copy BuShips Specifications 52P45(INT).
   (D) One copy BuShips Specifications 52P46(INT).
   (E) One copy BuShips Specifications 52P47(INT).

     1.          It is understood the the Field Production Division is still under the impression that low visibility or camouflage paints must be obtained from the Norfolk Navy Yard, because of certain Bureau directives relative to conserving materials by limiting manufacture by Navy Yards. This limitation is no longer necessary. Specifications have been issued, enclosures (A) to (E) inclusive, to cover the procurement of the paints in ready-mixed form from commercial sources.

     2.          Accordingly, the Commandant is authorized to pprocure paints in accordance with these specifications from commercial sources whenever it is impractical to obtain materials from stock that have been manufactured by Norfolk.


Copy to:
 Comdr. G. W. Thomson
By direction.

Via Ron Smith:
National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, General Correspondence

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